OUIJA for One, Please.

Ouija Board

So you think you want to play Ouija all by yourself?  That’s probably not a good idea.  Haven’t you heard about the dangers of stirring up the spirits and risking the possibility of having an unwanted ghost attach itself to you?

During my freshman year of college, a horrible incident occurred that was related to a Ouija game. The Ouija group started out as a few girls living next door to me.  Every afternoon about 3 p.m., these girls would gather in the dorm and call up the spirit of a man they believed to be a former student of the college during the 1970’s.  This particular spirit gave himself a name and confessed that he had killed himself in the boy’s dormitory several years before.  He was 21 years old at the time of his death.  The details that the spirit provided were quite convincing.  He went on to name the weapon that he used.  It was all very disturbing and should have made most anyone uncomfortable to the point that they no longer wanted to continue talking to something or someone they could not see.  Unfortunately, one of the girls found herself being drawn deeper and deeper into the mystery and allure of the game.

Weeks later, I moved out of the dorm and back home with my parents.  I commuted to campus and still talked to my former dorm mates on occasion.  One night I was invited to a “hang out” on campus.  When I arrived, I was expecting to see about twenty-five other students gathering for a bonfire and roasting marshmallows.  But what I saw caused the flesh on my body to crawl with a chilling coldness that I had never felt before.  There it was.  Outlined on the sidewalk.  A pentagram with the head of a goat etched in chalk in the center of the circle.  This was not my kind of party.  I questioned a couple of people who remarked that the circle was meant to be for a séance but some of the participants had already backed out.  So where was everybody?   They were inside a nearby campus building gathered in the lobby.  Seated in the floor.  Hands on the planchete as it raced back and forth across the board.  I watched for a moment before deciding that I had to try it.  It must be a hoax.

Moments later, I sat down with a mousy, brown-haired guy who never bothered to look up at me as I joined him, placing my hands on the planchete.  Nothing.  Not even a scoot or a scratch to indicate that it was moving.  I waited.  Someone in the crowd began to ask “it” questions and we all followed suit trying to stir the spirits.  Seconds passed.  Only seconds.  Then with a violent swish that seemed to slice across the board, the planchete began to slide back and forth.  My fingertips were barely touching it.  I was in awe.  I was scared.  It kept circling the board, racing from side to side.  I looked across at the guy in front of me.  He seemed to be in a daze as he never moved his eyes away from the planchete’s wild display.  Then screaming.  Horrific screaming came forth as the lights in the building shut off and the front, glass doors rattled and shook.  Everyone was running.  Screaming and running.  There was total chaos as people tripped over each other trying to escape the area.  I stumbled and fell backwards as I struggled to follow the crowd out of the building.  And my partner?  He was just sitting there.  Still there as I ran out.

Fast forward a few months…I heard that the Ouija game members had dwindled to only a few players still occupying the old dorm room.  By now, the local campus police had heard about the game playing on campus but had not attempted to dissuade the group.  One evening the girls gathered for their usual talk with the spirit.  But this night was different.  This was the night when the girls decided to challenge the spirit and have him “prove” that he was really capable of moving objects or causing something to manifest in the physical world.  Within thirty minutes of beginning their taunt, smoke filled the building as it ignited in a fiery blaze.  Luckily, everyone escaped but no one was ever able to pinpoint exactly what had caused the fire to ignite from the opposite end of the hall on the second floor of the dormitory.

In my book, Waking the Dead, Part II of The Haunting of Natalie Bradford (Based on TRUE EVENTS), Timothy experiments with the Ouija only to find that he has provided a doorway to our world.  It’s not a game that I would put on my Christmas Wish List.  I once had a Ouija.  For about five minutes.  Long enough to decide that I had made a mistake and didn’t need that anywhere in my house.  Are you kidding me?  You can always call an exterminator to rid your house of unwanted pests, but try getting rid of an entity that has attached itself to you.  And the damn things can follow you.

So you think you want to play the Ouija by yourself?  Just remember after it’s over, will you still be alone?

Waking the dead entity


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