CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? The Universe is Calling….


Is the Universe speaking to you?  Have you ever prayed, “God, send me a sign”?  For many of us, we do this daily.  Millions of people across the globe speak these words, “I need a sign”.  A sign for what?  Are you looking for a sign to tell you which career path to take or if you should remain in a certain relationship?  Be prepared for an answer if you ask.

I believe in signs.  I do not believe in coincidences very much.  My whole life has been filled with signs.  Sometimes, I have received so many signs that I actually began to respond to it with humor.  I developed a sense of humor around God’s way of speaking to me and I often wondered if everyone on the other side was getting a good laugh out of seeing me so confused and annoyed.  So how can we use signs in our everyday life to avoid disaster or ensure that we are choosing the right path?

The very first instruction that I would advise is to learn how to read your own intuition.  It is an internal compass that you were born with.  It is your instinct.  Your ability to “know” when something is not right.  You know what I am talking about.  As many times as I have tried to prove my intuition wrong, it wins every single time.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.  It’s your gut feeling.  The “something doesn’t feel right” comment.  Next, get in touch with nature.  Often times, the Universe or God (in my world) uses nature to speak to us.  The Native Americans believed in the language of the animals.  This spirit talk often delivered messages through the appearance of certain animals at specific times.  Perhaps you are praying for a new beginning in your life and suddenly you see butterflies everywhere.  Butterflies typically represent transformation.  It’s a good “sign”.  It may be the Universe trying to convey to you that all is well.  Another example may be a bird such as a red cardinal.  The cardinal can have many messages but the primary message is a message of hope and good tidings in your future.  Keep in mind that the universe is going to communicate with you in a way that only you might understand.    And usually, the universe isn’t going to present you with a crystal ball.  You have free will.  Every choice that you make holds consequences.  Regardless of whether they are good or bad, there will still be consequences.

In my book, The Haunting of Natalie Bradford, Natalie experiences some strange coincidences and signs.  These coincidences were so incredible that you have to wonder if all of it wasn’t already predestined.  How could she have avoided this?  If it had never happened, I wouldn’t have written the story.  Why did I write the story?  Was it that important?  The murder happened over 41 years ago.  Read the story and let me know what you think.  You decide.

Signs can come softly like a whisper or a gentle breeze or they can be delivered through another person.  Most of the time, the messenger has no idea that they are being used to deliver hope or comfort to a hurting soul.  I once met a man whom I believed I was meant to know.  There were multiple signs but I was reading them wrong.  It happens.  One day after feeling total disgust and aggravation, I locked the door to my office and came home.  I picked up my children and took them out for Hibachi.  I was in no mood to go.  I didn’t want to be around anyone, much less at a hibachi table where everyone is sitting practically on top of each other and not making conversation is considered “unfriendly”.  When we arrived at the restaurant, we were seated with a small group of people waiting for the last customers to fill the seats.  That was us.  We sat as far away from the other people as I could get.  Anger and despair rumbled through my body.  It filled my thoughts and I could fill my face twisted in anguish.  I managed to order my meal and only conversed with my children as I ignored contact with the other guests except for an occasional smile in their direction.  It was the best I could do at the moment.  I pretended to enjoy the chef’s show at the hibachi grill and finished eating my meal in silence.  I noticed the others talking among themselves.  A very pretty lady with long, brown hair and an angelic face glanced in my direction several times. I noticed her demeanor was especially gentle and she seemed to radiate kindness.

When the server delivered our ticket, the lady across the table suddenly stood and announced that she was paying for our meal.  I sat there dumbfounded.  She reached for the ticket as I was shaking my head and saying, “No, no.  Don’t do that.” She then got up and walked around the table to where I was sitting.  She reached for my hands as I looked at her with a puzzled stare.  I was quiet, waiting for her to speak.

She said, “The Lord has placed something on my heart just now and I was told that I needed to give you a message.  He said to tell you that He has something very special planned for you and that He loves you very much.”

I sat there with tears in my eyes completely frozen.  To say that chill bumps covered me would be an understatement.  I stared into her eyes.  The greenest, most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.  I saw pure love radiating through them and she appeared to almost glow as she stood in front of me.  I was mesmerized.  I could not speak.  Finally, I was able to mumble “thank you so much” through a shaky voice.  And all I could think about was the sign that I had asked for only hours before.

I shared that story with you because I wanted you to be aware and be watchful as your signs are delivered.  This was a tender, special moment for me when God answered with a huge “I GOT THIS” message.  Sometimes another person will be the messenger.  Other times, you may receive a sign through song lyrics or in nature.  But you must be discerning and vigilant.  Divine communication is coming your way every day.  The Haunting of Natalie Bradford is the extreme of prophetic signs.  She didn’t believe in all this supernatural phenomena.  But the universe is calling and it’s asking… CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?  Denial can be deadly.  Are YOU next?


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