Who’s Watching YOU?~That Funny Feeling.

scary eye being watched


How many times have you had that funny feeling?  You know what I’m talking about.  That feeling of being watched but there is no one else in the room.  It can cause your skin to crawl.  Tingling from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head.  You hear a snap.  A click.  A thump.  You spin around to find nothing.  The television remote is right where you left it.  The bedroom door is only open enough to allow a trail of light, illuminating a path to the bathroom.  You climb into bed and lay dead still.  Something or someone is watching.  You breathe slow, deep breaths as your eyes dart back and forth across the room.  Footsteps.  You know you heard them.  One. Two. Three. Four.  It stops right in front of your door.  You imagine a foggy mist drifting toward you and become stiff, like a tree trunk refusing to be uprooted from a century’s old position.  Your heart begins to pound so hard that you wonder if it can possibly sustain such an incredible pace for more than a minute or two.  As your mind races, your body begins to tire.  Soon you are exhausted and your eyelids begin to flutter, fighting to stand watch.  The eyeball becomes red and irritated as tear glands began to flush the inside of your lids.  Your cheeks are moistened by the droplets that spill from the corners of your eyes.  And finally you give in to sleep.  Your eyes close as you whisper a prayer for safety against the invisible intruder that stalks you night after night.  In the dark.  As you sleep.  Watching.

Natalie Bradford and her children lived the nightmare for three months.  Night after night, Timothy lay in bed fighting to stay awake.  Because he knew.  He knew when he closed his eyes that she would be there.  She would be there screaming at him.  Begging him to rescue her from the certainty of her death.  But he was only a witness.  Like Natalie Bradford, Timothy was a witness to the horror she felt during her last moments.  And Natalie Bradford was Liz Bradford’s vindicator.  There was no other explanation.  Too many strange coincidences surfaced during Natalie’s involvement with the Bradfords.  Although the outcome of Devon Bradford’s murder trial was merely linked to “circumstantial evidence”, The Haunting of Natalie Bradford was far from being circumstantial.  It was the catalyst that the ghost of Liz Bradford needed to reveal her killer.  And night after night, she waited and watched.  Summoning Natalie Houston to wake up.  Wake up, Natalie.  Wake up.

The Haunting of Natalie Bradford New Cover


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