The Phoenix Mission

Cover for Phoenix

Hello, Everyone!  Let me apologize for being out of touch for the past several weeks.  I have been completely submerged in my writing as I finish up this next project!  This is due for release in a couple of weeks.  The Phoenix Mission was inspired by my interest in a military program known as Stargate.  When I stumbled across this subject a couple of years ago, I became fascinated with its history and began reading everything I could find on the program.  Several remote viewers published their own accounts about the Stargate program and their time serving as a psychic spy for the United States Army.  I have studied the paranormal my entire life.  When I say the “paranormal”, I don’t just mean ghosts.  Paranormal is a broad term that includes unexplained phenomena.  Psychic insights, ESP (extrasensory perception), premonition, precognition, prophecy, telekinesis, psychometrics, and telepathy are all terms that I am very familiar with.  When I discovered that our own government had funded such research, it was a defining moment for me.  Suddenly, all my curiosities were validated.  I mean, surely if our government thought there was something worth investigating and researching about this strange phenomena, I must not be wrong to believe in its possibility.  And then Russia?  Yes, Russia already had a psychic spy many years prior to the start up of our program.  Her name was Nina, and she was probably the only human being in the world whose abilities had never been proven a hoax. (Based on my findings, I could not disprove Nina’s ability.)

And so after months of reading and researching, a character was born.  His name is Seth Phoenix.  Seth means “the appointed one”, and he has lived with a secret for his entire life.  He is a sergeant major in the United States Army.  America has a new weapon, and on this day the Phoenix is rising.


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