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CIA Agent

The Phoenix Report 

Fact versus Fiction


About four years ago while I was studying psychic phenomena and psychic development in humans, I stumbled across a book written by Major Ed Dames and titled Tell Me What You See.  I was immediately drawn in by the author’s claims that our military had been running a psychic spy program for the last two decades.  Reading the book led me to more questions and a Pandora’s Box whose seal should never be broken.  But an unrelenting curiosity found me spending the next two years reading everything I could get my hands on that pertained to the clandestine Stargate program. Two years later, Sergeant Major Seth Phoenix was born from the research that uncovered a real life psychic/telekinetic living in Russia during the Stargate era and ultimately inspired the creation of The Phoenix Series.

During the course of research for this book project, I studied a number of subjects, locations, and phenomena.  Of most significance to me was the content concerning psychic development in humans and the genetic factors that were involved.  During the Stargate program, soldiers were trained to be psychic spies by using a method called remote viewing.  I was later informed that remote viewing could be taught to anybody, but the military’s real interest was in those individuals who tested high for psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and ESP.

The Stargate program was in operation for more than two decades and consumed a twenty million dollar budget by the time it was terminated in November, 1995.  The U.S. Army’s top remote viewers were consulted to help locate missing children and criminals, as well as, spy on foreign governments.  The program was also reportedly used to locate American hostages taken by a group of Iranians who took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran from November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981.  While the Clinton Administration has been noted for shutting down the Stargate program, the top secret operation was actually born in 1975 and saw the support of three presidents, most notably Ronald Reagan.

Stargate CIA report

On March 2, 1990, Tom Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October was released in movie theatres all across America.  The film told the story of a Russian submarine captain wishing to defect.  The typhoon-class nuclear missile sub was actually copied after a real life vessel that the Russians had been building for some time.  U. S. Army Remote Viewer 001, Joseph McMoneagle has been credited with discovering the Russian submarine’s manufacturing point during a remote viewing session.

Stargate was conducted at Fort Meade, Maryland in a wood frame shed that served as the base headquarters.  The program was highly classified with only about one hundred people supposedly aware of its existence.  All remote viewers were required to sign an oath stating an absolute commitment to secrecy.  Any breach of their contracts could result in a $10,000 fine and possible jail time.

Defense Intelligence Agency Headquarters 1988
Defense Intelligence Headquarters, 1988 at the height of the Stargate Program

These paranormal studies were also being conducted by the military and in association with the Stanford Research Institute located in California.  SRI was once affiliated with Stanford University until it became a separate entity in 1970.  As a non-profit research institute, it was dedicated to client sponsored research and development that included the U.S. Army’s remote viewing program.

SRI Building Stargate
Stanford Research Institute

By September, 1995, the CIA had already ceased all remote viewing work and all staff members had been reassigned somewhere else.  At the end of the CIA’s review of the Stargate program and its real contribution to the military, it was decided that the project had not offered significant findings and would therefore be terminated by November.  Opponents to the program’s shutdown argued that the assessment took less than two months to review over twenty-three years of research.  And of the thousands of sessions conducted, only ten experiments of the last twelve months of operation were studied.  In other words, only one percent of the program’s total available data was considered in the review.

After Stargate’s official termination, some staff members commented that the program had ended due to a number of reasons but most notably due to a lack of support within the military and intel, poor management, and lastly because the media was gathering.  Others still believe to this day that the United States is secretly operating the Stargate program.

Another military based research project of paranormal interest to me was the HAARP program located near Gakona, Alaska.  Work on the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) was begun in 1993 and headed by the United States Air Force, United States Navy, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  The program’s research focuses on the study of the ionosphere and its reaction to the sun.  The research was intended to benefit the military’s communication and navigational systems.  The program was said to be successful in helping to develop better communication methods for submarines.  But in spite of the program’s declarations, conspiracy theories have abounded.

According to many conspiracy theorists, HAARP is nothing more than a machine developed by the United States to control the weather and use it as a weapon.  Some theorists blame HAARP for global warming, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.  And it has been said that HAARP is an instrument used for mind control.  While these theories have never been proven, the program was officially shut down by the United States Air Force in 2014, but the University of Alaska assumed ownership of the program and its facility by August, 2015.  At the time of this writing (April, 2017), the program is said to be officially back up and running.

While setting up the story outline for The Phoenix Series, I investigated psychic phenomena known as telekinesis and extra sensory perception (ESP).  As a believer, my research was not aimed at debunking the supernatural but more importantly, it was aimed at understanding it.  If telekinesis was a real and natural occurrence among certain individuals, what was causing it to happen?  And one more question.  Why are some people more psychic than others?

Reports of psychic abilities, telepathic communication, and supernatural phenomena such as telekinesis have been noted for centuries.  In fact, some statistics suggest that more than fifty percent of Americans believe in the paranormal and the supernatural such as miracles or angelic appearances.  During my analysis of psychic individuals, I noticed a few parallels that coincided with some of the information I had studied.  In one of the books that I read involving psychic children (The Children of Now), it stated that a common denominator among psychic people was the appearance of blue eyes.  And after examining pictures of the remote viewers in the Stargate program, I noticed that the top four of the program’s remote viewers appeared to have blue eyes.

Major Ed Dames—Blue Eyes

Joseph McMoneagle—Blue Eyes

Ingo Swann—Blue Eyes

Lyn Buchanan—Blue Eyes

David Morehouse—Unable to verify.

I then decided to look at other famous psychics to see if they shared the same traits.  I searched for famous individuals who claimed to possess psychic or supernatural abilities.  One of the most convincing was Jeanne Dixon, the astrologer and psychic who reportedly had a dream of John F. Kennedy’s assassination prior to the event.  She even called The White House and asked the president not to go to Dallas.  And the color of her eyes?  She was a blue-eyed beauty with red hair.  So does this mean that a brown-eyed person cannot be psychic?  Of course not.  But the parallels are there and worth consideration.

In other references, I found medical research that explained how psychics often share the same characteristics such as being ambidextrous.  And they often report that someone in their immediate family either has the “gift” of insight now, or it may have been present in a relative now deceased.  Could this suggest that “psychic gifts” are genetic?

Other noted traits of the psychic sometimes involved a near death encounter and/or an out of body experience, known as a Near Death Experience (NDE).  The individual often reported a spike in their abilities after surviving a near fatal event.  Science has attempted to explain the NDE as a hallucination experienced from a lack of oxygen.  However, there are literally millions of people who have experienced NDE’s and the similarities of their stories are too uncanny to dismiss.

The final part of this project’s research landed me in the middle of Nina Kulagina’s biography.  Born on July 30, 1926, the Russian psychic and telekinetic served in the Russian army at the young age of fourteen.  She reportedly was able to move objects at will, and it was said that the Russian housewife also possessed healing abilities.  She was studied by dozens of scientists and became an international name when she demonstrated the ability to stop a frog’s heart during a scientific experiment held March 10, 1970.

Nina Kulagina was the inspiration for Nikita Oleshun’s character in The Phoenix Series.  The small framed, brown-eyed woman was married to a Russian engineer and had three children.  She sustained a battle injury to the abdomen that caused chronic pain for most of her life.  In her later years, it was stated that her abilities had faded possibly due to aging, chronic pain from the battle wound, and the effects of childbirth.  She died on April 11, 1990 from a heart attack.  She was 63 years old.

In conclusion, writing The Phoenix Series has been exciting.  I will miss the sergeant major and his Russian friend, Nikita.  However, my research into unexplained mysteries will never cease.  Having experienced a NDE at the age of fifteen and witnessing too many paranormal encounters to list, I will remain a believer in the possibility of supernatural phenomena.  And it isn’t a coincidence that you are reading this report; because in a world of infinite possibilities, there is no such thing as accidents.  Just remember, in the end and by direct orders of the CIA, this never happened.

CIA confirms


Until we meet again,

L. Sydney Fisher


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4 thoughts on “U.S. Army Explores Supernatural Science

  1. Great article, interesting questions raised.
    I am a fellow remote viewer. I also have blue eyes and I was trained by Lyn Buchanan too! This is uncanny!
    Remote viewing is a mental martial art for the mind.
    Only a tiny part of our brains is being used and most of us are not hemi-synche’d (Monroe) so that we use all of our brain instead of only a part of one hemisphere.
    Remote viewing is a bit like time travel. You project your mind to the target, but the trick is not to question the mechanism if you flat line in the process, and try to test it, that stops you of any future ability to remote view.
    Its about trusting in your subconscious ability to locate the target and view it as if you were there.
    I was tasked with remote viewing the claimed hardest test target my trainer could give me, this was the Falkirk Wheel in Scotland UK, I was able to do this with relative ease though I had no idea what this structure was my only co-ordinates were “The target is a man made”.
    I was given ‘play doh’ to make model of what I was seeing and asked to draw the target and for any ‘stray cats’ I got several. My trainer was blow away and passed me with 99% out of 100.
    I just let my subconscious mind take over, after all it is the logic centre of the brain. I felt as if I were right there in the location and my trainer said he felt I was too.
    Relax and go with the flow.
    Thanks for writing this article and for sharing it with us.
    Kaz Psychic (CRV)
    Remote Viewer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your response! You would make a fascinating study. 🙂 I am a clairvoyant and psychic medium. I definitely believe that my innate abilities would greatly benefit from the exercises used in remote viewing. As a clairvoyant, sometimes information is cycled in and out of my mind very quickly. Learning to control the experience is an ongoing process with me. Thanks again!


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