The Paranormal Investigations.

Lincoln House Promo (1)


Have you heard about the paranormal investigation at The Lincoln Home?

Get the story of the overnight investigation conducted here and find out why Sydney considers this to be some of her most convincing research yet.

Visit some of the most haunted sites of the South in historic Columbus, Mississippi.  Known as a hospital town during the Civil War, this city’s collection of antebellum treasures is one of the largest and most well preserved in the South.

The Princess Theatre, Old Waverley Mansion, and Friendship Cemetery are just a sample of the sites you’ll read about as clairvoyants visit here and report their findings.

Help Sydney solve the mystery of Friendship Cemetery’s ghost soldier whose name may be Daniel Welch.

And for the paranormal finale, read about the sanitarium in Amory, Mississippi known today as The Amory Museum where a young patient still pleads for help as visitors pass by his now empty bed.

The critics are saying…

“Encore, Encore!  This is the best one yet!”

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