Dear Daddy, I heard that you made it.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.

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With Father’s Day approaching, my mind becomes consumed with memories of my father and a story about his passing that has a paranormal twist you may appreciate….

Daddy was diagnosed with colon cancer and lived for about two years before crossing over in April, 1991.  I remember him as a man with an incredibly calm disposition.  He rarely showed anger and if he did, it didn’t last long.  I also remember him as a very devoted Christian.  My parents divorced when I was very young, but I remember spending many weekends and summer vacations with Daddy over the years.  If I forgot to pack a dress for Sunday church, he took me to one of the malls in Memphis, Tennessee and bought me something to wear.  We didn’t miss church.  Even though he slept through most of the service.  He had a condition known as sleep narcolepsy.  Usually, my brother…

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Do YOU Believe?

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Be CAREFUL who you share your crazy with…Although statistics have indicated that more than 70% of people believe in some kind of paranormal phenomena, whether it’s ESP or GHOSTS, there will always be those people who get SPOOKED by my questions or research and either not return my requests for an interview or simply look at me as if I am some sort of crazy. Being a paranormal/supernatural author doesn’t mean that I only write about the HAUNTED. I also research miracles/supernatural, unexplained mysteries, military history, NASA exploration, and true crime. BUT paranormal research still tops out as the most fascinating to me. WHY? Because nobody has ever been able to DISPROVE its existence. Regardless of your beliefs, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who have experienced phenomena that cannot be explained through rational means. That’s not CRAZY. #statistics #ghostsarereal #haunted #doyoubelieve #Iamnotcrazy#research #amwriting

Ghosts and Spooky Things — Darlene Foster’s Blog

During my visit to York, I went on a ghost walk. A city with such a long and rich history is bound to have ghosts lurking about. In fact, York is known as the most haunted city in England. Our excellent guide took us to places where ghosts sightings and paranormal activity have been reported. We […]

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